Learning through Play


The Peace Puzzles team creates educational toys for home, school, and church settings. A wooden puzzle allows your child to practice fine motor skills. Remind children to gently wiggle the puzzle piece into place. You cannot force a piece into place as you can with cardboard puzzle pieces. The wooden pieces are very sturdy but will break if too much force is exerted.

We recommend the fun of lingering over the puzzle pictures painted by our artists. Here are child working puzzlesome ideas for adults and children to talk about, after completing a puzzle and reading the accompanying story:

What is happening in the puzzle picture? What happened before? What is about to happen next?

Look at the people. Who are they? Try to imagine what they might be thinking. Start a pretend conversation between people in the picture. Imagine what they say to one another.

How are people feeling? Who looks sad? angry? glad? happy? confused? hopeful? Why do you think they feel that way?

Who would you like to be in the picture? What would you say to someone about what is happening?

What is surprising here?

Where do you see peace in this puzzle picture?

I wonder how this puzzle picture makes you feel…

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