Jesus Feeds the People – Story Card

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John 6: 1-15

Many people knew Jesus was special. People loved to listen to him speak. They saw that he could heal the sick.

One day a large crowd of people followed Jesus and his disciples to a mountain beside the Sea of Galilee. After a while, the people were hungry.

“Where will we buy food for these hungry people?” Jesus asked his disciple, Philip.

“A person would work a half a year to pay for the food this crowd needs,” Philip replied.

Another disciple named Andrew spoke up. “There is a young boy with some food, but it’s not much.” The boy had five loaves of bread and two fish and he was willing to share.

After the people sat down, Jesus took the food, gave thanks, and blessed it. Then Jesus told his disciples to give the food away. Something amazing happened. There was enough food for everyone! And when all the people finished eating, the disciples filled twelve baskets with the leftovers!

Dear God, Teach me to share what I can so that your good gifts will be enjoyed by others, too. Amen.

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