Jesus Blesses the Children – Story Card


Mark 10:13-16

Imagine how fun it would be to meet Jesus! What would you say? Who would be with you? Would you bring along your special pet? Jesus loves children very much.

The Bible tells a story about Jesus and the children. One day, long ago, some parents brought their children to meet him. But there was a problem: Jesus’ disciples did not think the children were important enough to spend time with Jesus.

“Jesus is too busy to be bothered with children,” one disciple said.

“You must take them away,” another disciple told the parents.

When Jesus heard his disciples telling parents to take their children away, he stopped what he was doing.

“You must not send the children away,” Jesus declared. “Let them come to me. All children belong to God and God loves each one. In fact, God wants every person to be as faith-filled as a child. ”

Then Jesus took the children in his arms and blessed them. The children were happy.

Dear God, I am glad to know that I am your child. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

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