First Christmas – Story Card

The First Christmas

Luke 2

The Bible tells us that Joseph traveled to Bethlehem from Nazareth, because he had to pay taxes. He took Mary with him. She was going to have a baby very soon.

Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem and began to search for a place to spend the night, but all the rooms were full. They had to stay in a stable for animals. It was there that Mary’s baby boy, Jesus, was born.

Meanwhile, shepherds were caring for sheep in nearby fields when an angel appeared, lighting up the night sky. The shepherds were frightened!

“Do not be afraid,” the angel said. “I have good news to share. God’s son has just been born in the city of Bethlehem. He is your Savior, so go to see him. He will be wrapped in cloth and sleeping in a stable’s manger.” Then more angels appeared, singing songs of praise to God.

The shepherds hurried to find Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus. What a beautiful family! The shepherds praised God, too.

This is what happened on the first Christmas.

Do you see three travelers on a distant hill in the puzzle picture? They remind us of another story about important visitors who followed a star, in search of the child Jesus. You can read that story in the Bible, in the second chapter of the book of Matthew.

Dear God, Thank you for Jesus. Amen.

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