Come Follow Me – Story Card


Jesus calls his disciples

Jesus calls his disciples

Luke 5:1-11

Jesus went to the lake one morning, where people gathered to hear him speak about God. There were boats by the lake, so Jesus climbed into a boat that belonged to a fisherman named Simon. Jesus asked Simon to row out from the shore, so Jesus could talk to the people from the boat.

Then Jesus said, “Simon, row out deeper, and drop the net to catch fish.”

Simon answered, “We have worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But if you want us to try again, we will.”

This time, when the fishermen dropped the net into the water, something exciting happened: the net filled with a catch so large that the net began to break! There were so many fish that other fishermen in nearby boats had to help bring in the catch!

Simon and his fishing partners were amazed. Then, Jesus made an invitation: “Come follow me,” Jesus said. “From now on, we can work together to catch friends for God.”

Just as soon as they brought their boats to the shore, the fishermen left everything and followed Jesus.

Dear God, Thank you for Bible stories that help me learn about Jesus. I want to follow Jesus, too. Amen.


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