Care of Your Puzzle

We have carefully developed our process for making puzzles in an effort to create a high quality product. Still, appropriate care of your puzzle will help to ensure fun for many years.

Remind children to gently wiggle the puzzle piece into place. You cannot force a piece into place as you can with cardboard puzzle pieces. The wooden pieces are very sturdy but will break if too much force is exerted.

We apply a light acrylic topcoat to allow for light cleaning of puzzle pieces with a dry cloth.

We have done our best to develop a process for adhering the picture to the board, but with use, you may see an edge lift off the board. It is easily remedied with a little white glue (it dries clear) and a toothpick.

Take a small amount of glue on the end of the toothpick, and gently lift the edge of the paper to spread the glue between the paper and board. Wait a moment or two for the glue to become tacky to touch, and then gently press the paper and board together. Hold the glued part of the puzzle piece for a minute, then set aside to dry.

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